Leveraging Neuroscience to Enhance Customer Experience Our co-founder, Kadhambari Anbalagan shares the tips and tricks on building futuristic customer communications based on Neuroscience during this educative session. Description Over the past few decades, neuroscientists have identified a set of brain signals that make experiences feel valuable and emotionally charged, rendering them memorable. Through these experiments, […]

Introduction ADA compliance generates a growing need for email automation for businesses looking to make their customer communications inclusive and accessible. According to The World Bank, a billion people live with some form of disability. There are four categories of disabilities – visual, auditory, mobility, and cognitive. Visual, motor, and cognitive impairment create frictions that limit the ability […]

Efficient and automated business processes are the cornerstone of a successful business. Many Fortune 500 companies use enterprise-grade software such as Pega BPM, Appian BPM suite, Decisions BPM, etc., to fulfil their business process automation needs. These BPM software solutions streamline the complex business processes of companies through various automated business workflows involving multiple internal stakeholder […]

The world of Customer Communication Management solutions is evolving faster than ever. As more innovations arrive into the market that can help businesses achieve excellent customer communications, many trends arise. These modern CCM trends focus on elements of personalization and localization in customer communications and advanced automation that help create and share relevant content across all communication […]

The world of digital communications in business is evolving. Many businesses are beginning to realize the importance of Customer Communications as a sure-fire way to reach new users and thus expand into the newer market. With the hope of creating market opportunities beyond borders, these businesses are optimizing how to identify their customers, prospect them […]