Design and Send Short messages

Design & Deliver simple sms, whatsapp and localized Voice calls ...

SMS/Whatsapp Creation

'Message' Design studio

Design Personalised SMS & Whatsapp messages in 100+ languages & get it delivered directly to mobile phones which are almost always within an arm’s reach of consumers today

Listen & Design

Voice Studio

Design human like personalized voice messages with our voice studio. Choose from around 220+ voices across 40+ languages & surprise your customers in their own slang.

Dude, Give them a call

Call Automation

Call your customers on their phone numbers and deliver your customized voice messages to keep the engagement going

Geo personalization

Localized Messages

Automate the generation of your messages in 100+ Languages with the click of a button

Merge Customer data


Tailor make the messages and the audio content for your target audience with user relevant data to achieve full scale personalization.

Access Easily


Attach tags to your templates and organize them into folders or catogories. Search templates to make updates in seconds

Integrates with any of your tools

Send messages at scale every day.

Deliver on time

Make sure to Deliver

Track all your sms, whatsapp & the voice calls made, check for failures and take necessary actions to deliver content in alternate ways.