CCM : Top 5 Trends That You Are Missing Out In 2023

The world of Customer Communication Management solutions is evolving faster than ever. As more innovations arrive into the market that can help businesses achieve excellent customer communications, many trends arise. These modern CCM trends focus on elements of personalization and localization in customer communications and advanced automation that help create and share relevant content across all communication channels and achieve an excellent customer experience. They also focus on simplified usability features so that it’s easy for any business to onboard and use a Customer Communication Management solution without much initial investment.

CCM Trends


Here are the top five innovative CCM trends pushing the envelope for Customer Communications Management that improve the Cx in the best possible way.


A significant amount of effort is made by businesses to engage with their customers in a fun manner. Businesses that are looking to rapidly scale up, and stay ahead of their competition, realize that great customer communications need to entertain the customers so that they can engage with their products well.

Colourful and empathetic content pieces help businesses strike a chord with their customers and make them come across as a brand that can empathize with their customer base. As a result, even if customer communications sometimes become too many a day, customers don’t mind the interruptions.

Businesses are beginning to understand that a successful customer experience begins with great, customized, and localized content that reaches the right user at the right time of the day. Users then treat these communications as points of entry to the websites or apps of the businesses, where further customer communications increase their trust in the brand, ultimately to faster and smoother purchase journeys.

With a good customer journey, businesses can be sure of expecting repeat purchases happening from the customers, thereby retaining them for future transactions. Here’s an example of how Zomato created highly engaging, customized, and localized content that ultimately helped them reach out to relevant customers for their business when they ventured across multiple countries.


As more and more businesses are seeing the value of having a product-centric approach to solving problems for their customers, they are encouraging every aspect of Cx to improve keeping the customer personas in mind.

In today’s world, since sophisticated tools and data sets are available which can help businesses accurately understand how their customers are and what motivates them, businesses are now building and shipping products by keeping their target customer personas at the center of their product development.

Various tools are available in the market which help businesses understand a customer’s journey by providing useful analytics and insights that can help businesses prioritize the need to understand their customer’s personas and tweak their solutions accordingly, as a continuous process.


Successful content creation at scale would mean not only coming up with great content but also ensuring that a healthy pipeline of content is ready to be shared with customers.

Content writing as a manual step can be time-consuming, tedious, and seeks the attention of multiple writers, editors, and content managers. These content creation roles are gradually being automated by Artificial Intelligence-based content writing tools that can write out ready content pieces of varying lengths and on various topics.

New AI tools are now available in the market and are making AI-based automated content writing possible. Some of these tools are, copysmith,, quillbot etc. – to name a few. These tools are easy to use and thus it is observed that such AI-based content writing tools can be game-changers in the market.


Customer communications that are achieved through audio formats, like audio clips, audio ads, and voice calls, help businesses reach users who may not be able to read their content for various reasons, like visual impairment, lack of literacy, or lack of familiarity with the written language, or because they are away from their device screens.

For all such scenarios, businesses can have personalized and automated audio communications and have an inclusive approach to how they engage and interact with their customers.

Having audio content to engage with their customers would also mean they can reach their customers for a longer duration of the day, when the customers are busy doing other activities, audio communications can still reach them. This unlocks immense new possibilities on how businesses improve engagement with their customers.


While most Customer Communication Management solutions have traditionally been complex tools that need expert technological resources to integrate with business processes before business users can work on them, this is now changing.

Businesses are increasingly seeking CCM tools that can have a plug-n-play way of working on them. Since most businesses cannot afford sophisticated tech resources to manage and maintain such tools as administrators, they are looking for alternatives that are self-serviceable by business users themselves.

Though many CCM tools claim to be business-friendly, only a few of them go above and beyond and include functionalities designed for a business user to work on the tool and focus on the strategic aspects of performing customer communications more.


Any business that understands the need for improved Cx will rely on a CCM solution that lets them build processes that can operate as per these CCM trends, and create engaging content pieces for their customers in a highly scalable manner.

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