How will you choose Your Customer Communication Channels in 2023?

For a business that wants to keep as many customers as possible interested, you want to know what customer communication channels will keep your current customers close and help you reach new ones. Which ways of getting in touch with your customers will work best in 2023? We’ll talk about them here.

how to choose customer communications?


Voice and video calls directly to customers will continue to grow in popularity as a key way to talk to customers. This will affect a lot of different industries, since this channel is often used for things that have nothing to do with the business. By having a human voice and face represent your business through phone calls and video chats, you give your customers the face-to-face interaction they want and the assurance that your business cares.


You name it: schools, police stations, restaurants, etc. Almost every business has some kind of social media presence. Customer communication channels like Social media are used for marketing, at the very least. But communication through social media started to change in 2020–2021 and will continue to grow in popularity. Qualtrics says that 42% of millennials, the oldest members of the digital native generation, have never been awake for more than five hours without checking social media.

People are getting used to the idea that you can tweet a business for help or get event updates through Snapchat or WhatsApp. This is especially true among younger customers who are getting more buying power.

3. SMS

The SMS channel will likely see a net increase in use in 2023 because it is still useful. One study found that 95% of texts are read and answered within three minutes of being sent. Text is still an important way for many adults to talk to each other. So they don’t have to talk on the phone as much, they’ll use SMS to talk to businesses more often about updates about appointments, deliveries, and other things.


Email is still the preferred way for brands to communicate with people of all ages. One interesting thing about this category, though, is that more and more businesses are letting people sign up for services using a social media login instead of an email address. Because of this change, some industries will find it hard to reach younger customers who use social media as their main way to talk to each other.


Last but not least, the “last line of defense” for businesses that are still changing to meet new customer communication expectations is live chat or self-service.

Even if your business doesn’t have an app or a simple text-based way to talk to you (like SMS or email), your customers still need a way to contact you. This category is where it comes in, and we also expect growth in this channel.

A study by Drift found that 82% of companies that use AI-powered customer engagement solutions think the solutions are a valuable part of their strategy. Customers also want live chat. According to one report, more than 70% of customers find live chat to be the best way to talk to a company.

Investing in a live chat or self-service help system, which can be based on agents or AI, can be beneficial because you can use it on your website or in an app, and you can reduce the time it takes to answer common questions.


Any business that knows it needs to improve its customer experience will use a CCM solution that lets them build processes that work with these trends and create engaging content for their customers in a way that can be scaled up easily. See how easily you can achieve the automation for documents, emails, sms, phone calls in the video below…

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