5 Ways to keep Customers Engaged in the Tourism Industry

Overall, the contribution of travel and tourism to the global GDP amounted to 5.81 trillion U.S. dollars in 2021. Tourism consumer interaction methods have a significant impact on how each tourist decides whether or not to visit a new place on a cognitive and emotional level. Customer Engagement strategies in tourism can greatly boost a brand’s net sales and profit margin growth because of its direct and indirect advantages. The development of genuine connections also enhances visitor satisfaction, feedback, and enduring loyalty. 

So, how do you keep clients interested and make sure they remember your agency until they’re ready to book? Here are five easy ways to reach out to travelers in different places.



Customers like it when you make things just for them, and generic promotions no longer work. The first step is making segments of your clientele based on advanced characteristics and behaviors. You can make target groups based on simple things like gender and location, as well as more complex things. Start by dividing your audience into groups like “business” or “leisure,” “VIP,” or “new” or “returning” customers, and then send different messages to each group based on their interests through an email design. Getting to each of your customer’s pain points separately will make your brand stand out and give you an edge over the competition.


Partnering with a powerful omnichannel customer engagement solution will give you the flexibility you need to manage your orders and clients more efficiently. All of your transactional emails will be set up automatically, so you can work on your marketing plan without interruption. One of the best ways to get tourists interested in your tourism business is to improve your online presence with easy-to-use software and make your marketing plans more solid.

3. Send thank-you emails and evaluations after a check-out

It’s better to be proactive than to wait and see what happens. Also, it’s always best to ask for customer reviews before your guests can leave negative comments on your social media accounts. Keep in mind that you need five positive reviews for every negative one if you want your overall ratings to stay even. To fix the damage, you can send well-written emails to your visitors thanking them for choosing your brand and giving you their feedback.

Address their concerns directly or, if necessary, give them a discount to make up for their bad experience. In the end, you’ll be able to change their opinion of your brand before their bad reviews get posted online and stop other people from coming to you.

4. Maintain contact with your clients

Your social media accounts should be updated every day, because your fans need to know about every deal. Covid-19 may have put a hold on our plans to travel, but we still want to get away. Schedule your online posts and add videos, reviews, photos, and other content that will inspire people to read them.

Aside from social media, you can send your customers personalized emails, SMSs, or push notifications or do automated voice calls with offers based on what they’ve done in the past. Keep in mind that you need to keep your segments separate and use the right channels for each one.

5. Send out limited-time offer emails

Promotional emails bring in money and make people more aware of and loyal to a brand. Your customers need to know about all of your promotions, so let them know about booking deals with discounts, in-house events, and all-inclusive packages.

Work with your social media team to share your content using high-quality images and enticing calls to action. But try to send as few generic emails as possible. It’s best to talk to your contacts in a way that shows you care about them.

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