Email Verification Page Design – Best Practices & Great Examples

The surrounding technology is advancing at a fast pace. Though it brings ease and facilities, it also has affected many aspects of life. For instance, businesses employ digital marketing, where email is the best lead-generation source.

The problem with modern marketing is that it goes online with many vulnerabilities. For instance, many scammers can hurt your marketing campaign, exploiting you to pay ransom and money. Therefore, authentication is necessary to avoid such things.

Realizing the authentication of the users for your email list, you must consider the email verification page on your business website. What an email verification design is, and why is it important for you? Read on, and you will find valid answers to such questions. 

Email verification page design-overview

verification page design
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As the name suggests, email verification is the process through which a digital business confirms the authenticity of a user. A verification or validation email is the primary email that a business sends directly once the user subscribes to its email list or creates an account. Once the user verifies the email, they can get newsletters from the business. Otherwise, the newsletters go to the spam folder of the user’s inbox.

Email Verification design works based on the CIAM concept. CIAM is Customer Identity And Management, a framework to carry out two-factor authentication, profiling, etc. The primary purpose of this concept is to promote the authentication and validity of users, securing the platform or email services for a business.

Email Verification ensures a safe pathway to the user’s inbox, where email marketers or businesses can send various emails. Such emails can be promotional, academic, marketing, or informational, depending on the business’s intention.

importance of email verification page

The importance of validating email addresses cannot be overstated, since faulty or non-working addresses can quickly transform your mailing list into a rubbish heap.

It’s possible that the user has switched email providers or abandoned their old address. However, the person may no longer be actively using that email address, which increases the likelihood of bounces and poor email opening rates.

Plus, the change of occupation for a person or their position in a business can affect the email format of that person. Also, a technical issue may cause the disruption of the email provider services of your users. This way, your emails will never reach them, affecting your email marketing campaign.

Email addresses are notoriously difficult to verify. Though the problem is not because of you, dealing with invalid email addresses may be a disaster for your business if you neglect this issue. So, you can keep your audience healthy and protect against new dangers by validating emails regularly using solutions that enable various verification methods.

Maintaining a high sender reputation through consistent email verification is essential. In the realm of digital marketing, the latter is a monumental phenomenon. ISPs use this simple metric to decide whether your email is spam.

content of email verification page- guideline

Email validation or email verification page is an essential step for every email marketer. Though it can take the user to complete another step, it has outstanding outcomes for you. Sometimes, you may miss some users, as they will avoid completing the verification process.

However, it will keep your business away from mocking people. How can they benefit you if they can’t open the email to verify their existence with a single click? Email verification can save your business from any scam that can hijack and destroy myriads of important data.

Therefore, you must work on developing an email verification design for your business. It will be highly beneficial for you. Meanwhile, we have enlisted certain aspects of an effective email verification page.

a warm welcome
email verification page design

Everybody loves to be addressed by their name and get welcome. Therefore, use this psychological trigger in your email verification page design to get the best out of your email. Try to welcome your users while addressing them with their names. You can do so with a few clicks in your Email Service Provider (ESP).

Then write your welcome message in a precise and effective way. For instance, you may have users who have added some of your products to their shopping cart. You can trigger their interest by mentioning their name and talking to them in a friendly and confident tone to complete the transaction. It will provide you with instant results on the go. 

brief introduction
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An explicit introduction about your product and business is all it takes to make an impact. Your audience may hesitate to take action regarding your product. When you approach them with a confident and sound introduction, they will have their mind cleared. This way, they will make ways to own your product, benefiting your business. 

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Saying thank you is a robust appreciation and psychological trigger that will bring instant results for your marketing campaign. All you need to do is write a brief message, talking to them about how you feel about their interaction with you and your business. Everyone loves to hear some kind words because of their actions. So, it will be a perfect addition to your email verification page.

You may see some businesses that send Thank You emails to their users. You can do so, but adding gratitude to your email verification page does no harm. In fact, it is much better to do this because of the purpose of a verification email.

Usually, people don’t click to verify their identity if an email asks them to do so. It is your task to satisfy them with some techniques. Other tactics like a sense of urgency, suspense of value in a product they can access after verifying their identity, etc., are also important. However, a thank-you message in your email will also do wonders for you. 

email personal signature
personal signature

A personal signature provides the users with a professional email marketing experience. Having a personal signature reduces the distance between you and your audience, making them feel heard and communicated. Therefore, do not forget to add a personal signature in your verification email or any other email like the main or thank you for email. 

Footer information

Footer information plays a vital role in the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. No matter what email you send, footer information is as powerful as the main body of that email. Therefore, do not avoid adding this information to your email.

Typically, the content of the footer info includes contact information, address, and much more. You can also add the privacy policy and terms and conditions to help the users learn more about your business’s operations. Help your users get in touch with your support team to make them feel facilitated. 

further requests

Sometimes, your ESP may send emails to users without their consent. Or you may get a user’s email address without their knowledge, and you may send them your promotional emails. When they receive such emails, chances are that they flag your business as spam. Doing so will hurt your reputation in search engine algorithms.

Therefore, you must add notes requesting the users to delete the email and unsubscribe from the list if they mistakenly got the email. It is better to let a user go away than to damage the entire marketing campaign of your business.

Try to add any other information you feel will benefit your business. Since there is no single ideal approach to skyrocket your campaign’s outcomes, it is imperative to try various things. 

best practices for effective email validation designs

Despite the necessity of a successful email verification design, the improper technique might ruin the entire process. Therefore, we have brought the best practices for you to skyrocket the effectiveness of your email validation design. 

avoid spam elements

Despite the best efforts of email service providers, these messages often end up in the spam folder. It causes consternation among consumers, which may lead to a missed opportunity to sign them up as subscribers.

Your email domain affects deliverability, whether you’re a startup or an established company. Taking preventative measures, such as monitoring your domain’s report status or “warming up”, hold considerable value for your safety.

A few words can take your emails to your audience’s spam folder. Be mindful that using sales-oriented language in your correspondence, like purchase, now, etc., will get your message tossed into the spam folder. Avoid using them as much as possible.

Your email’s subject line should reveal its purpose as a verification request. Always add an imaginative touch at the bottom of your email to increase its authenticity. 

tone of voice matters

At the outset of the email, the brand’s voice should reflect the brand’s values and provide a distinct impression. Customers are more likely to pay attention if you choose a language they can relate to. Your verification email should be brief, technical, and impartial for maximum security.

Going this route is a conscious decision to abstain from aiding your brand’s promotional efforts and showing how you stand out from the competition. Incorporate casual pleasantries, humorous facts, and photos into your marketing campaign. The end purpose of these kinds of actions is to give your brand more credibility.

customization helps the most

Customization is essential for every activity aimed at fostering relationships with customers. Seventy percent of customers, for example, will only respond to individualized communications. Therefore, the verification email must have some identifying information, even if it is just a name.

But email marketers may automate the delivery of emails to customers where personalization is crucial depending on the data they collect and the specialized tools they use.

creative touch to your emails

Finally, if you’re going to take the time to write a confirmation letter that will aid in the customer journey, think about how to grab their attention. The most effective email verification methods consider the potential of including visuals to increase interest.

The call-to-action button facilitates ease of use for the customer and aid in creating a desired impression. An interesting call-to-action button can help bridge the gap between a company and its customers.

And if you really want to stand out, you may do it by sprinkling in some information, some helpful pointers, or even an entertaining bit tailored to your target audience’s interests.

Words of wisdom from various leaders, effective words from books, or testimonials from satisfied customers are just some things you can include in your email verification page design. 

best examples of email verification page designs

We have highlighted a few best email verification page designs that will help you understand the entire article practically. Let’s examine them one by one. 

w3 schools
verification page examples
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W3Schools is a renowned digital institution where you can learn to code, programming, and much more. As we said, it is an online learning platform; you must create an account in their cloud storage to get started.

You get an email with an email verification page when you create your account on its website. We have included that email to help you understand their professional approach. Here are a few key takeaways from the W3Schools verification email:

  • Minimalist design with contrasting colors, black and white
  • The aesthetic design of the CTA button
  • Well-placed logo in the introductory part of the email
  • Amazing footer information with a link to their website
Scribd- verification email design
verification email design
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Scribd is an online library of digital books and audiobooks. It is the best place where you will get many modern and classic fiction and nonfiction, scientific and literature, and books of various genres. The best part is that almost all books have audiobooks with aesthetic voiceovers. Thus, it is the best place to try.

When you create your account, you get a verification or validation email that you must complete proceeding further. Let’s examine its email verification page design for key takeaways.

  • Neat design with enough space and a well-placed company logo
  • Stunning font style with enough text size
  • Adequate details stating the purpose of receiving this email from Scribd
  • Fabulous button for CTA
  • Information to help you find out the reason for getting this email if you haven’t created the account
  • Footer information with social media links and support team contacts
code academy- email verification design
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Codecademy is a widespread name among computer students and aspiring programmers. The firm’s amazing way of teaching and brilliant resources help tons of students across the globe. It is also a digital learning platform where you must create an online account.

When you do so, you get an email containing an email verification page. Here is what you can get from their email:

  • Classic design that illustrates the initial programming experience
  • Well-built and neat design with adequate font size
  • Contrasting button for the CTA
  • Provision of the verification link as an alternative option when the button does not work
  • Gratitude message from the business team
  • Support information in case of mistakenly receiving the email
  • Footer email with information about the address, privacy policy, and other things about Codecademy
final verdict

Users can verify their own email addresses by visiting a verification website. The following are common components:

  • A notification that users get when you email their inbox. It includes instructions for them to use the link within the email to complete the address verification process.
  • If the user does not receive the email or needs to resend it, this form allows them to do so.
  • Possibility of resending the verification email using a button or link.
  • A notification alerting the verification of the email. It helps the user to move to the next stage of registration or login.

Make sure that you use the correct email address for the verification email and add a link to the user’s inbox.