How it works

Transform the way businesses build and generate data-centric documents, that are fast, easy, and eliminate manual error.


Transform your ideas into stunning document templates in any language with the intuitive drag-and-drop document builder.


Seamlessly embed Doc Studio with your applications and connect data from multiple sources that have to be included in the document template


 Doc Studio’s engine will merge your templates with the data to generate pixel-perfect documents and delivers them through your preferred communication channels

Drag-and-drop Document designer

  • We’ve examined (and witnessed) each element that goes into a document design and integrated all that into one easy-to-use no-code platform, making it effortless to design documents without IT involvement.


  • Level up your document design and functionality with images, tables, charts, QR codes, shapes, and creative SVGs in a business-friendly interface

Data-centric document automation

    • Connect multiple data sources and create personalized data-driven business documents for your audience in channels they prefer.

    • Eliminate manual data input by leveraging global variables, empowering you to automate information flow from databases to your document templates effortlessly.

Multilingual Document Generation

With just one-click translate documents into 100+ languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, and more – enabling customer communication in their native language.

Integrate Doc Studio with your day-to-day apps.

    • Pair data with design by effortlessly integrating all your business applications, natively or via web API.


    • Embed or distribute Doc Studio with your custom-built applications or use it as a service via a simple REST API.

Security is our product’s #1 priority

Catering to clients in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, and Healthcare, we deliver a resilient security system. It’s Fort Knox for your data.


With our intuitive platform you could swiftly onboard without any hassle. If you need any assistance, our account managers would help you with training and guidance.




Count on our proficient document and systems experts to accompany you throughout your journey, from initial setup to successful scaling. No matter what assistance you seek, our team is here for you.


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